Posted on 2022-05-07 14:53:49

Recommended for beginners

[Recommended lineup] This phase of formation will recommend two novice lineups for everyone
(attack-based lineup)
Abarai renji-Mastsumoto Rangiku-Kurosaki Ichigo(ichigo)-Kurosaki isshin-Madaeame Ikkaku(卍)
① Characters are easy to obtain and have high attack power
② Character skills complement each other to improve critical strike rate and evasion rate
In this lineup, Kurosaki Ichigo is the main attack, and the output target is the core role of the opponent. Abarai renji increases team speed and crit damage, and reduces Kurosaki Ichigo's crit requirements
Mastsumoto Rangiku's talent skills can improve the team's endurance by reducing the opponent's hit rate during battle, and at the same time can accumulate the team's latecomer advantage.
Kurosaki isshin's attack is strong, with a burning effect that causes continuous damage to the opponent. Skills that reduce self-damage stack up. Mastsumoto Rangiku's skills that reduce enemy hit rate complement each other.
Madaeame Ikkaku's crit probability is high, and stacking Abarai renji's crit probability can produce good results.
(control-based lineup)
Kira Iziru-Matsumoto Rangiku-Kurosak iIchigo-Ise Nanao-Kotetsu Isane
①Powerful deceleration, powerful control
②The big move is to disperse, and the team's mobility is stronger.
. This lineup is characterized by the control effect of all partners. Freezing, paralysis and other control skills can be stacked, and after stacking to 3 layers, the movement speed of the target will be greatly reduced. Although Matsumoto Rangiku is an element of wind, her skills have the effect of adding evasion reduction to the enemy, and evasion reduction can actually be regarded as a deceleration control skill. A slowing effect like this does not necessarily cause high damage in PVE, but it is very popular in PVP.
Kotetsu Isane is a late-stage burst hero. When the HP is below 35, it will cause fire damage to all opponents. With Ise Nanao's damage bonus and Kira Iziru's damage reduction, there will be stable burst damage in the late stage.